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Superpowers of Chinese Medicine Practitioners

I feel as though Chinese Medicine Practitioners are My People. We just “get” each other, and tend to approach life in a unique way.

There’s just something very cool about the whole way that Chinese Medicine Practitioners operate.

We tend to be:

  • open-minded, flexible and adaptable
  • extremely comfortable with the grey areas in life, and somewhat OK with the unknown
  • good at knowing what to do even if we don’t “know”
  • (as well as not really realising that this is even a thing, that most other people just don’t generally do)
  • seeing everything as relative or contextual within the whole
  • seeing things in fractals/ holograms/ micro-within-macrocosms
  • switching lenses to see problems from several angles – sometimes simultaneously
  • (and again – probably not even realising that this is happening and that it’s pretty cool)
  • being pragmatic and philosophical in the same breath
  • being both deeply caring and giving tough love that people thank us for
  • holding space for transformation
  • making sense for people in scary health experiences
  • and of course, wearing scarves.

(We are really great at that last one. But equally great at all the other stuff too.)

And there’s one more important superpower – we love to learn.

If you can see yourself in the superpowers described above, and would like to belong to a community of learners just like you, then join us on the Collaborative Learning page.



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