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Chinese Medicine Practitioners – are you with “Your People”?

I definitely feel that I’m with My People when I’m gathered together with a bunch of Chinese Medicine Practitioners.

Do you feel this way too?

And maybe you’ve realised how awkward it can be, socialising in a mixed group of Practitioners and Muggles.

The Chinese medicine practitioners are desperate to go full-geek on the latest New Scientist article showing that Chinese medicine was right about this weird thing after all, or to go super granular on last week’s patient’s phlegm pulse, or commisserate over the strange and difficult task of remaining true to Chinese medicine while somehow “integrating” into mainstream healthcare…

There really is so much cool stuff to talk about, right?

But alas, one must refrain from poo talk amongst the uninitiated. It upsets them.

Don’t get excited about that seminar you went to and learned cool through-needling techniques or direct scar moxa. No, that tends to make the Normals feel a little nervous. Giddy even.

One must keep calm and talk about the weather. Real estate is a perfectly acceptable topic of conversation, especially if one is a Sydneysider. And there’s always sport… (Go the Rabbittos – is that right?)

So yes, if you feel like Chinese Medicine Practitioners are Your People, then you’re probably right at home here. Have a look at the Collaborative Learning page and see if this feels like a place that you’d like to belong. We’d love to spend time with you!



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Superpowers of Chinese Medicine Practitioners

I feel as though Chinese Medicine Practitioners are My People. We just “get” each other, and tend to approach life in a unique way.

There’s just something very cool about the whole way that Chinese Medicine Practitioners operate.

We tend to be:

  • open-minded, flexible and adaptable
  • extremely comfortable with the grey areas in life, and somewhat OK with the unknown
  • good at knowing what to do even if we don’t “know”
  • (as well as not really realising that this is even a thing, that most other people just don’t generally do)
  • seeing everything as relative or contextual within the whole
  • seeing things in fractals/ holograms/ micro-within-macrocosms
  • switching lenses to see problems from several angles – sometimes simultaneously
  • (and again – probably not even realising that this is happening and that it’s pretty cool)
  • being pragmatic and philosophical in the same breath
  • being both deeply caring and giving tough love that people thank us for
  • holding space for transformation
  • making sense for people in scary health experiences
  • and of course, wearing scarves.

(We are really great at that last one. But equally great at all the other stuff too.)

And there’s one more important superpower – we love to learn.

If you can see yourself in the superpowers described above, and would like to belong to a community of learners just like you, then join us on the Collaborative Learning page.



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